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Super 8mm film to DVD conversion

Super 8mm, Standard 8mm & 16mm Film - Convert or Transfer to DVD

Eastman Kodak  released Super 8 mm film in 1965 as an improvement of the older Standard 8 mm home movie format.

Super 8mm is exactly the same width as the older standard 8 mm film, but has smaller perforations offering slightly more image area than that available on the older standard format. Kodak soon attached a magnetic strip along one edge of the film to record sound.

While the Super 8mm film had a larger image area the colour of the Standard 8mm film was far superior as its origin was from commercial 16mm film that seemed to be of a better quality stock than the newer Super 8mm.

Coming in a cassette form made loading and unloading easier for Super 8 with less likelihood of exposing the film edges to the light when removing the film from the camera.
Most Super 8mm film still seems to be in good condition, however it is strongly advised to have your film converted to DVD before the image information is lost through the action of time.


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